Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Bonus points awarded if you sang it.

My name is Amy. All my life, I haven’t quite… fit in. I don’t mind— it makes me a great aunt, a great dog mom, a great employee, and a great friend.

I’m an old-fashioned lady stuck here in this modern world. It sounds like I’m annoyed— but don’t worry. I love penicillin just as much as the next person.

I used to have a 1940’s Bakery. It sounds like I just made that up, but it’s true, I promise. I have a 1940’s soul, and I made it into the most magical living, breathing thing.

We closed, although we were quite popular, largely because this world that I don’t fit into just prefers to get their treats at a mega mart instead of making an extra trip. This is the part where I tell you small businesses need your weekly support… not just when you’re feeling generous.

Since closing, I have nearly daily had people emailing to find out how to do what we did, and to continue to ask for advice. So that’s what we’ll do here. I say “we” because there’s no way I could do it alone— and here’s where you come in! Subscribe to our blog, and make sure to ask for what you would like to know in the comments section!

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  1. Sorry you closed your shop; I was surprised it wasn’t there tonight, but saw New Dey had moved in. I really only discvoered you acouple of months ago and was hoping to come in for some Victory Rolls! Ah, well! But like you, I feel more 1920s-1930s than current, when I’m not feeling Victorian. Best wishes for your future!


  2. I bet your bakery was great. I love the mom and pop shops. I try to support the small businesses as well and love shopping for local art and unique gifts. So sad to hear you closed but you are right about it being harder to keep up with the big chains and the mass produced. People seem to think the food is better and safer if it is from them. I love grandmas home made food compared to the packaged things they sell now in the giant super centers.

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